Our extensive ACCOUNTING AND PAYROLL SERVICES are aligned and developed to your requirements 

All Businesses operating within a specific country's boundaries must ensure that they comply with the respective legislation in regard to the financial and payroll standards (International and Local). Our focus is to ensure that your business is fully compliant with all countries of operations’ legislation as well as the financial Institution regulations to support the local economy and ensure that the business remains in good standing with the country regulators.

As part of our commitment, the services are provided in terms of the following (but not limited to):

Management reports

By the 7th of each month, a full report set is forwarded to management for informed decisions.

Annual financial statements

Provided within 3 – 4 months after the financial year-end in order for the company strategic planning.


Daily promulgations and capturing to ensure real-time information.

Public officer functions

Management of legally required actions, such as depicted in the Companies Act, financial legislation, etc.

VAT reconciliations and submissions 

Monthly/bi-monthly preparations and reconciliations.

Financial institution compliance

Statutory submissions within a time frame.

Income tax submissions (company & individual) 

Submissions of required financial legislation.

Registration of start up businesses

Registrations and submission of FAS or new business ventures.


Depending on the business need, processing can be done weekly,
bi-weekly or monthly on systems including Xero, SAGE, Netsuite, etc.


Financial provisions are calculated and provided for financial reporting

3rd Party reconciliations, declarations

Reconciliation and declarations to 3rd parties and finance.

Leave / Time and Attendance Management

Various integration of systems and attendance management.

Overtime Management

Corrective legislative alignment for promulgations and payments of overtime.

Take-on and Termination Management 

Engagements and termination calculations and offerings.

Taxation Alignment and reconciliations

Corrective tax table alignment as per legislative adjustments or requirements.

PAYE / Tax submissions (SARS)

Monthly declarations of tax submissions.

Unemployment declarations

Statutory submissions and declarations from payroll.

Statutory registrations and submissions

Registration with all statutory institutions e.g. COIDA, UIF, etc. with annual preparations and submissions.