Our specialised services include MAKING A DIFFERENCE so that your business is secure

The core function (besides Finance) in a business remains the ever-dreaded Human Resources, as it is not only the bearer of bad news but also good news. It remains the glue for the business to manage and control employee relations and operational output. 

Human Resources has a vast role and responsibility level within a business if done and conducted correctly with a generalist approach. Your business will be supported professionally, and personnel trained, orientated, and aligned to the vision of the business with plans, procedures and policies going forward which support the business actively. 

We provide a crucial compliance support functions that directly address the needs of the client through short-term and long-term solutions.

These include comprehensive support and ensuring adherence as follow (but not limited to):

Operational Audit to determine your compliance level

We provide a comprehensive operational HR audit that has been developed to consider all legally binding areas of law to the business

Position profiling with benchmarking

 “Equal pay for equal work” is aligned with job grading systems (internally or externally).

Policies and procedures (handbook)

Mandatory and operations policies are provided with adjustments to legislation.

Comprehensive offers of employment

Professional offers that are legally binding.

Employment induction

Ensuring that an employee is orientated and inducted into the company with policies and condoned operational behaviour.

Contract management 

Providing contractually binding agreements between employer and employee.

Talent management (performance)

Implementing performance systems that depict and align company performance with employee performance and all agreements associated with performance and programs.

Skills development (succession & retention)

 Upskilling of personnel recording and processing for reporting with registration at SETA as SDF and constructing succession plans, retention plans and career path.

Legislative reporting

All statutorily required reporting, e.g. Skills Development Act reporting and Employment Equity Act reporting, etc.

Foreign personnel management

Alignment to Immigration Act and requirements.